How To Update The Latest Release Of Quickbooks Desktop Version

Each year Intuit QuickBooks offers new releases containing recent changes, fixes, and improvements. There are mainly two ways to download the latest release version.

  • Manual upgrade mode
  • Automatic upgrade mode

To get automatic updates the latest changes and fix which you need to turn on the automatic update option. This will update the program or software even it is not running. If you don’t wish to get an automatic update, turn this feature off. It is suggested to check for an update once in a month and install if available.

Download and install QuickBooks release updates:

When we update the new release, make the data file incompatible with the old releases. To avoid this, you need to do some minor change in the database.

QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: Download From the Internet

Download links for US QuickBooks:
  • Visit the page of Downloads and Updates.
  • Ensure your product is chosen. If not, click on the Change link for the drop-down and choose your QuickBooks product.
  • Select the appropriate version or year.
  • Go to the Search option.
  • Choose the option of “Get the latest updates” then Save File to download the update.
  • Choose to save the update file to your desktop.
  • When the download completes, have double-click to install file. You need to restart Windows after the installation is complete.
  • You can install manual updates across your network either by:
  • Accessing the install file on your device from another device
  • Copying the install file to a flash drive and then to the PC of another computer.

Method 2: Within QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Go to the File menu and click on Close Company/Log off.
  • Click on File > Exit.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon of your desktop.
  • Click on “Run as administrator” option.
  • Ensure you are on the No Company Open screen.
  • From the Help menu, choose the option of Update QuickBooks.
  • Click on Options.
  • Select the Mark All button and then click on Save.
  • Click on “Update Now”.
  • Click on “Reset Update” and then click on Get Updates button.
  • When the Update Complete message seems, shut the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and if you get the message to put in the update, click on Yes.
  • When the installation is complete, restart your PC

If any issue persists by following methods, Don’t get hesitated. Feel free to contact QuickBooks Support at any time. Our QuickBooks Customer Supportexecutives are available 24*7 or 356 days for a week. We are having a team of highly skilled and trained executives who are always available for your help.

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